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Ezra Title, Chef/Owner of Chezvous Dining, was born and raised in Toronto and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from McGill University and a Master’s of Business Administration from The University of Guelph. It was in San Francisco at “Jardiniere” and New York at “Restaurant Daniel” and “Blue Hill at Stone Barns” where Ezra received the majority of his culinary training. This is reflected in Title’s style of cooking as he sources the finest seasonal ingredients from local producers and applies time-honoured French techniques in unique ways.

Chezvous Dining brings Ezra’s favourite aspects of the restaurant industry, distinctive food and personalized service, to the comfort of his customers’ homes. He meets with each client, creates every exceptional menu, and attends all of his events. All of these steps ensure that Ezra’s exceedingly high standards for food and service are met and his clients are more than satisfied.

“You can rest assured that whenever the occasion arises we will avail ourselves of you services. You and your wonderful staff were amazing. Thanks for bringing a wonderful weekend to a close.”

- Sheilah G.

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“Where possible, Chezvous will use only the freshest, locally grown and organic ingredients, sourced from select growers and suppliers of the highest quality products.”

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