healthy gourmet

Healthy Gourmet follows nutritionist Julie Daniluk and Chef Ezra Title as they carry the ongoing battle of taste vs. nutrition into the world of real people.

Each episode will find Julie in the “nutrition” corner and Ezra in the “taste” corner going head-to-head with open minds and open mouths. Their ultimate goal is to help the chosen group find the right balance between food that’s healthy for the heart…. and tasty for the tongue. In the inaugural season, Julie and Ezra will unleash their food duel at such diverse locales as a fire hall, a dude ranch, a fishing club, a Dragon boat racing team, a motorcycle club and a fashion/design agency to name a few.

Although both hosts are openly honest and passionate about which side of the fence they sit on, Julie and Ezra understand that finding the right balance is the secret of good eating. Every episode is guaranteed to be an eye opening journey of epicurean enlightenment although this journey of discovery will not always be paved with understanding and compassion!

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Healthy Gourmet season three begins filming in February

For all you Healthy Gourmet fans season three begins filming in February. But the REALLY big news is Healthy Gourmet will air on the new Oprah Winfrey Network Canada. Watch me face big challenges in the kitchen, square off against my nutritional nemesis, Julie, and make a big fool of myself on Channel 72.

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