Brick Works Farmers’ Market

There is nowhere we would rather be Saturday mornings than cooking at a local farmer’s market, and specifically Evergreen Brick Works. Every Saturday we set up a temporary kitchen and cook made-to-order breakfast and lunch using the delectable ingredients from the fabulous producers at the market. The ingredients could not be fresher and the menu is seasonal in the purest sense. We change the menu as often as ingredient availability requires but there are always some tried and true menu items that never leave.

Please join us at the Evergreen Brick Works Farmers’ Market Saturday mornings. You get to shop and eat simultaneously! Delicious multitasking…

Seedy Saturday Menu

“You can rest assured that whenever the occasion arises we will avail ourselves of you services. You and your wonderful staff were amazing. Thanks for bringing a wonderful weekend to a close.”

- Sheilah G.

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“Where possible, Chezvous will use only the freshest, locally grown and organic ingredients, sourced from select growers and suppliers of the highest quality products.”

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